TOEFL is a well-known English language test that is accepted by top universities all around the world. It validates your command of the English language essential for pursuing your education abroad. It is administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service), the TOEFL’s regulatory body. This test is mostly taken by non-native English speakers who want to get into programs at English-speaking universities.

Format of the TOEFL Test

The PTE test is divided into three parts: speaking and writing, reading, and listening. The entire test lasts for three hours, including the tutorials and the breaks.


In the speaking and writing section, students will be asked to perform tasks such as speaking into a microphone, writing an essay, summarizing information, and more. The exercises are intended to test the test-taker’s ability to communicate in English in a variety of real-life situations.


In the reading section, examinees will be asked to read and respond to a variety of texts, including single words, sentences, short texts, and passages. The exercises examine the exam taker’s ability to understand written English, including vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.


There are two tasks in the exam, and it lasts about 60 minutes. Here, you’ll be asked to describe a chart or bar diagram, write an essay or a letter, or ask for information, among other things. For academic and general training, the task questions are different; here, the first task should include a minimum of 150 words, and the second task should include a minimum of 250 words.


In the listening section, test takers will listen to a variety of audio clips and answer questions based on what they have heard. The tests measure a person’s capacity to comprehend spoken English, including pronunciation, accent, and flow.

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